Friday, December 16, 2016


Entering class:
1) You WILL enter class quietly, turn in any assignments, and begin work immediately.
2) You WILL have ALL necessary supplies each and every day.
Necessary supplies:
·         Loose Leaf Paper
·         Pencil
·         Colored Pen
·         Math Binder
·         Assignments
·         Highlighter
·         A Good Attitude

Grading policy:
1) Daily work counts 60%.
2) Assessments 40%.
3) I will only accept late work for 3 days at 10 points off per day.
4) All work should be done in pencil.
5) Papers without names WILL BE thrown away.
6) All work should be shown.

Grading papers:
1) Colored pencil/pen.
2) You will always list the correct answers.
3) You will always put “graded by”.
4) You will always take extreme care when grading.

Note taking:
1) You WILL take notes every single day.
2) When you are doing your work, you WILL refer to the math class notes.

Class dismissal:
1) I dismiss the class, not the bell.
2) Class is not dismissed until the room is clean. We clean the room out of respect for our
     learning environment

When you are absent:
1) YOU ARE responsible for missed work.
2) YOU ARE responsible for getting your work from your teacher.

1. No talking.
2. Listen.

Morning Tutorials:
1. All of the regular classroom rules and procedures apply during morning tutorials.
2. If you do not work and distract others, you will not be able to attend anymore.

Walking in the halls:
1. You WILL walk in a straight line.
2. You WILL walk quietly.
3. You WILL keep your hands to yourself.

When I am out of the room:
1. No talking.
2. Stay in your seats.
3. Work on your assignment.

When there is a substitute:
1. You WILL treat a sub better than you ever thought about treating me!!!
2. You WILL sit in your assigned seat!
3. You WILL do your work and do it quietly!
4. Any student who has their name written down will receive a referral.

Getting the best possible grade:
If you receive a score lower than a 70 on a daily/hw assignment: use a separate sheet of paper and do the problems that you got wrong. You must prove to me that you know what you did wrong. Then staple this sheet to your old assignment and write corrections on it. I will then re-grade your paper for no more than a 70.
1. Math tests and quizzes can not be corrected.
2. If you receive a score lower than a 70 on a vocabulary test, you may bring the grade to 
    a 70 by writing out all of the words and definitions 5 times. All of the words…not just 
    the ones which you got wrong.

Outstanding Math Achievement for the 1st 6 weeks
Edgar Ibarra -Mrs. Shari John (Algebra- 8th Grade)
Skylar Thompson- Mrs. Shari John (Math- 8th Grade)
Alicia Cruz - Mrs. Dorie Costilla (Math- 8th Grade)
Alexis Hernandez - Mr. Erik Diaz (Math- 8th Grade)
Andruw Riojas - Ms. Magda Mendiola (Math PAP - 7thGrade)
Christopher Hurlock - Mrs. Jody Bullard (Math- 7th Grade) 

These students have demonstrated great leadership skills in the classroom and are not afraid to take on challenging tasks. In addition, these students have been dedicated, responsible, respectful, and hard-working. Congratulations to these students for their endeavor!